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Shop Location: 329 Borno way by Algomeji bus stop yaba lagos state.

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Unlimited Pure Drinking Water

permaflo purity is a revolutionary counter top water purifier which uses 4-stage purification technology to ensure that you and your family have clean, fresh and great tasting water all the time. permaflo purity counter top connects directly to any modern faucet, purifying your water in real time. no need to fill a container and wait for the filtration process to conclude before having water, just turn on your tap, and voila, you have pure water through our filter immediately! permaflo counter top water purifier contains a ceramic cartridge which filters sediments and contaminants down to 0.3 microns. this ceramic is impregnated with silver, a natural antibacterial element, to eliminate all bacteria contained in your tap water. the internal activated carbon block ensures that heavy metals, chemicals, vocs, color and smell are eliminated ensuring a water output that is pure and great tasting, the way nature intended! using the permaflo water purifier, you no longer need to use pure water for drinking purposes only. you can wash your fruits and vegetables, cook, rinse, wash your hands and brush your teeth with pure water. imagine that! not all of us live close to a mountain stream where we have access to the best water on the planet for free-the way nature designed it. most of us live in large urban areas need to rely on commercial water distribution systems that are often loaded with chlorine,disinfection,by-products and many other toxins. wouldn't it be great if we could actively control the quality of water we drink-free of chemicals and contaminants but retaining its natural minerals? and do this in an extremely cost-friendly way?

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